Brass. Copper. Marble. Stoneware. A combination of all my favourite materials found in one collection! I actually spent an embarrassing amount of time ogling over this spread after discovering it. I fell in love not only with the impeccable styling and the brilliant selection of colours, but the combination of materials used. This collection - 'Cinnamon' from Lightly's, an Australian design studio - is both polished and raw bringing that perfect balance of sophistication and earthiness to the table. As well, isn't this a nice little lesson on how to mix materials? The result delivers a beautifully balanced collection of elements that feels rich AND peaceful. 

Feeling like I need those brass salad servers in my life. 

Love introducing marble in small elements throughout a home. 

A speckled ceramic brings an organic touch to a table. 

Is this the colour of 'cinnamon'? I would have called it rust, but yes I guess it's cinnamon and love! 

Vessels in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Also, why don't any of the planters I have come in pedestal form? I'll be on the hunt now.