Every time I stumble across this first photo on Pinterest I'm flooded with inspiration. Inspiration for my own home, for my work in other homes and creative projects. It's funny actually. The photo isn't even a wide interior shot -  it's merely the tail end of a very large room. However, it's just enough to see a light-filled room, high ceilings, wood framed folding doors and baseboards laced with danish furniture and black modern accents. A combination of elements that drives me crazy with excitement. Another blogger coined the phrase "danish modern meets desert calm" to describe the space. I never could quite nail down my own personal style in words, but if I had to, I think think this phrase sums it up just perfectly. The original source of these images has disappeared but what is left of the link description leads me to believe this home is located in Japan - a nice little surprise. 

One day I will own a cactus this tall. 

Eames around the dining table and guessing that's a Hans Wagner in the back. Also, windows and doors for days. 

Mid century inspired kitchen. 

Another Hans Wagner to die for