Six roommates, hand-me-down couches, IKEA everything, and a variety of contradicting band posters- this was the house I lived in when I was a student. It was a far cry from this Danish student's beautiful space in Aalborg, Denmark. There are so many fantastic details to love about this home- the shelving arrangements, the DIY shoe rack and photo wall, the mix of mid century and modern furniture and those gymnastic rings! I love when something like sporting equipment (in this example: bike + gymnastic rings) is incorporated into the docor, adding character and a hint of lifestyle, while maintaining the overal aesthetic appeal. 

I got excited about the below photos and quickly began pulling this post together. I later discovered a whole new set of photos of the same apartment with different paint, couches and an overall different look. Unsure of which were the most recent, I reached out to Julie Writtrup Pladsbjurg, whose home this is, and confirmed the below photos were taken about a year and a half ago, and these photos are of the most recent interior. 

Julie is clearly a talented interior designer, who was able to evolve one beautiful space into multiple functional, fun and sophisticated living spaces. Which of the two is your favourite?