I've come across this picture (the first one below) several times while surfing around on the internet. Each time the picture would stand alone without a link to other photos of the full home tour, as they usually do. My imagination was left to wonder what type of space this room lives in? Is it in a studio in Quebec, a cabin somewhere in Norway, or maybe a loft space in New York?? I was delighted to stumble across this photo again recently, this time with photos of the space and outer walls that surround it. Turns out it's in an abandoned blacksmith's workshop in Lesbos, Greece that dates back to 1930. The shop was later rediscovered by a group of Danish architects who have since renovated it into this quaint modern retreat home. I'm a huge fan of the combination of materials: original wood beams; new wood used for cabinets, the kitchen and a few walls; cement floors and outside stone walls; and touches of copper, stainless steel, and rod iron throughout. 



Studio Esinam is a creative studio based in Sweden, founded by an art director and architect duo who created Elevations, a series of city posters that have certainly made an impression in the world of interior design. The studio released three new prints recently- Stockholm, an addition of the Elevations series, Goteborg and Brooklyn to launch their new series Landmarks. 

"In our first print series elevations, we seek to capture the unique feeling of various cities around the world. Cities that most of us have some kind of relation to, but probably haven't seen in the format of architectural drawing. By studying the facades, directing attention to details that mostly pass unseen, we hope to touch upon qualities to the architecture that contribute to that specific feeling the city imposes on you."

Now I will just be awaiting the release of the Toronto print to either of the Elevations or Landmarks series- patiently waiting I'm sure. 

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studio esinam.jpg
studioesinam 5.jpg