I was just home for the weekend, where I got the chance to spend some solid time with my dad. We shared a few drinks, good laughs, and bantered back and forth about our dreams. Dreams including living on a boat in The Keys and one day building the perfect cabin. I was surprised to find out that we appreciated so many of the same things in architecture and design, and even a few interior design ideas. Like a couple of kids sharing youtube videos, we sat letting hours pass by, searching the internet and sharing images of little cabins from all around the world. This cabin in Norway was just one of those sources of inspiration from that night.  


I don't think there is anything I daydream about more than having my very own cabin on a lake. Naturally, when I stumbled across Designer Mason St. Peter's minimalist Californian cabin, I envisioned my own tiny, Canadian (winterized), interpretation of this. I'm in love with the rustic exterior, and modern plywood interior (from top to bottom), creating the illusion of space and a sense of seamless flow. Four walls, a great rug, a few shelves with curated goods, and a loft space for sleeping. Let the destination and the experience speak for itself.  

Mason decribes how the cabin came into his life: "It all began when we were invited to see our friend's cabin in Topanga Canyon. We instantly fell in love with the place. There were a few day use studios on the property but none of them were available to rent. We started a dialogue with the owner and he encouraged us to build our own space with his materials. We initiated the task of clearing the site, cataloguing the materials and beginning the construction in the spring of 2011." 

Found on  masonstpeter.com

It's clear that Mason and his wife, Serena Mitnik-Miller, a photographer and artist, have style. Therefore it came as no surprise to me when I found their retail shop, General Store. A collective of Artisans featuring: jewellery, clothes, plants, furniture, household items and other small trinkets. A.) All things I love! and B.) Can this couple get any cooler?? I could write an entire post based on my wish list from this shop. Instead, I'll let you browse and make your own.