I currently have the most beautiful stack of well-crafted wood in my kitchen thanks to rekindle. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the brand recently, and instantly fell in love with their aesthetic and the minimal design of their serving plates, platters and ceramic tumblers. 

rekindle is a Toronto based studio founded by designer Devin Schaffner who crafts quality goods made of natural materials for the home. rekindle aims to achieve a level of quality that is intended to last a lifetime and improve with age, ideally to be passed on from generation to generation as an heirloom.

Schaffner on the evolution of rekindle - "I'd been asking myself and peers questions pertaining to longevity, emotional connection, beauty, among many other things relating to the products we purchase and cherish. I distilled all of this down to the idea that if we want to counter disposability in our society, we need to be emotionally connected to the items we have in our lives."

I too am of the belief that less is more in most aspects of life and gravitate towards timeless items like rekindle's designs. It's nice to come across a brand grounded in simplicity and the conviction that surrounding ourselves with high-quality products can increase the quality of our lives and elevate the everyday.

Shown above is rekindle's - Feast Cutting Platter, the All Plate (small, medium & large) and the ceramic Arenal Cup.

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