I have to admit, I had to look up the word "epiphyte" to fully understand this collection of hanging planters. So to clear it up for anyone else in the dark, "an epiphyte is a plant that grows harmlessly upon another plant (such as a tree), and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and debris accumulating around it, instead of the structure to which it is fastened". 

Dossofiorito is a studio based in Verona, founded by designers Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo, that develops projects with the aim to achieve a more comprehensive approach to the design practice. Their latest project Epiphytes, is a collection of hanging glazed ceramic vases that takes an alternative approach to the potted epiphyte houseplants, by allowing the roots to be exposed and grow around the container as they would in a forest. 

In this project Dossofioritto invites us to, "rethink the relationship with indoor nature in terms of a cohabitation more respectful and attentive to the needs of the plant. It, although domesticated, can be free to express itself in its natural bearing."

My new discovery of epiphytes seems like the perfect excuse to bring home a new plant - something I can never resist!