If you haven't already, you're probably starting to take stock of your summer wardrobe. Asking yourself questions like - what shorts do I have? Do I own breezy, yet professional options for work? Do I need to buy more tank tops? What shoes was my wardrobe missing last summer? And the big one I've been considering - what sunglasses are worth investing in? 

Sunglasses are the quintessential summer accessory. They bring the cool to business wear, elevate casual outfits, provide sun protection, and often  become an everyday fixture on your face. Which is a pretty big deal if you think about it. So, while I've been shopping around and considering what sunglasses will make a great new addition to my wardrobe, I've pulled a few standout frames from a couple of my favourite eyewear brands.

ILLESTEVA - classic styles with contemporary aesthetics, handmade made in France and Italy.

KREWE - modern, iconic frames, handmade in New Orleans.

KAREN WALKER - a New Zealand designer inspired by modern chic styles.

SUN BUDDIES - a line from Sweden with bold, classic frames and a modern edge. 

THIERRY LASSRY - frames for the fashionista, designed in France.