Strolling through Parkdale is one of my favourite things to do in Toronto. An artistic neighbourhood filled with delicious coffee, great vintage shopping, and a few of the best boutiques and studios in the city. 

An absolute must on the Parkdale tour is a stop at the beautiful and inspiring studio of Crown Flora. While handbags and plants may sound like an unlikely combination, one visit to Crown Flora Studio and you'll see why botanicals and textiles work so well in tandem. The creativity behind the founders and designers of the studio, Adam Mallory and Davis Khounnoraj, knows no bounds. Terrariums, custom floral arrangements, wax leather and leather bags, candles and variety of interactive workshops can all be found under one very magical roof. 

Crown Flora's philosophy: "We are not your average flower shop - one day we are making terrariums and the next it's candles! We like to keep things fresh (no pun intended) and reinvent ourselves daily."

I was lucky enough to receive Mallory's professional advice on repotting houseplants during my latest visit. Repotting can be a stressful experience for a plant, and so a few things should be considered during the process to help the plant adjust. Tune in next week for the insiders' guide to repotting!