I launched this blog almost eight weeks ago with the intention of sharing inspiration for better living- a minimalist take on living with less, eating more natural whole foods, and adopting an active, well-balanced lifestyle. In doing so life got busy, and naturally, my well-balanced lifestyle hasn't been as balanced as I'd like it to be. More specifically, being active and practicing yoga seems to have all together been put on hold. So instead of making this just another daunting New Year's resolution, I'm going to acknowlegde this and do something about it, today! A few light stretches and breathing should quickly remind my body of how good it feels to move again. 

While I was looking through yoga pictures and instructions for inspiration this morning, I came across this dream of a studio in Amsterdam. If only this were my local yoga space...I might not find myself in the situation I am in today. 

Have a great weekend everyone!